Roger Martinez / Talent Scout

Roger Martinez ?El Comandante? has one of the longest trajectories in Radio- where he?s been through all it?s departments and found his niche as Programmer and Director of Operations of his own Enterprise. Roger began his career in radio as a Cabin Operator in Guadalajara, Jalisco, in 1997. He, then, arrives in San Francisco in 1979 and began working in the formerly known KBRG 105.3. He then goes on to form part of KDOS ?La Chiquitita? which later turns into ?La Nueva KBRG 104.9 FM? until 1983. From there, his trajectory takes off towards various divisions, including KIQI 1010AM in San Francisco; KLOK 1170AM; KLOK/KBRG in San Jose; and KNTA ?La Que Buena? in San Jose, which linked up with ?La Que Buena? in Guadalajara, Jalisco along with Pepe Garza. In 1996, Mr. Amador Bustos reaches out and offers me the opportunity to manage and program his stations in San Jose exclusively, ?La Zeta? and ?La Buena? until 1998.

By the end of 1998, het takes his skills and experience to the east coast, where he goes on to program and manage WAZX 1550AM, which became ?La Que Buena ? Atlanta?; a station known for holding the #1 spot in the market, for 5 consecutive years. Whilst in Atlanta, GA- he goes on to program ?La Ley? before receiving another phone call, requesting his help in ?founding and structuring? the radio chain ?La Tremenda,? which leads to his management of 6 radio stations in Charlotte, NC. After the project found an utterly satisfied CEO/Investor, he goes on to help the major media network ?Que Pasa? in Winston-Salem, NC. In 2007, he goes on to momentarily retire from the radio industry to focus on a business he?s been cultivating through-out his radio career: Audio Production; a business which started in 1995, in an effort which led him to become the leading voice in the most major events across the US.


My Favourite Quote

?Zuuuuuurrkoooooo? ~ El Comandante

In 2010, he makes a stellar return to the radio industry, this time in Greenville, SC; where he takes over programming for his own broadcasting station. Being established 9 years in the market, through-out this time, he has maintained his programming and station as the leader in Variety Format- including proprietary offices and studios located in the Hispanic Heart of the Upstate. Our company, Roma Media Group, now manages various programming formats, Television and Radio production and Major Event Marketing.

Roger says: ?For me, radio has been a passion of mine, which after years became a business I feel obligated to manage accordingly, in order to provide great opportunities for the next generation. A generation which will continue the groove for many more to come and will take control of the Hispanic market in the United States.? And as you?ve seen, favorite phrases include ?Zuuuuuurrkoooooo? (?Groooooooove?) and his slogan: ?Que no se nota la pobresa, mucho menos la miseria? (?Let them not note the poverty, much less the misery?)


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