Julieta Gil / Radio Personality

Hello! I’m Julieeta Gil! Born and bred in Guadalajara, Jalisco. I’m a mother, wife, daughter, sister and a true friend. I absolutely love my career; which includes Journalism and an extensive 18-year track in radio. I love sports- given the fact that one of my dreams was to be a professional tennis player. Alas, life has taken me down another path, with which I fell in love, leading me to embrace being an On-Air Personality.


I love helping people find peace, through the Spiritual messages I’ve learned reading. I consider them spiritual guides that help us make better decisions. I’m a Spiritual Coach going on 7 ears now, and thanks to my God and my Angels, I’ve been given the opportunity to reach thousands of hearts, which I hope to keep supporting and helping with my words. And, obviously, I’m continuing my education of life and the people that surround me; from family to friends to my radio audience.


Current track