Roger Martinez

El Comandante

Roger Martinez “El Comandante” has one of the longest trajectories in Radio- where he’s been through all it’s departments and now leads his own Enterprise.

“For me, radio has been a passion of mine, which after years became a business I feel obligated to manage accordingly, in order to provide great opportunities for the next generation. A generation which will continue the groove for many more to come and will take control of the Hispanic market in the United States.”


Stephanie Himonidis


Nationality: Mexican-American

Four-Time Emmy Award Winner

Studies: B.A Degree in Mass Communication ? Graduated, Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara (Mexico)

Twelve years in the Radio & TV industry in Mexico and U.S.

Radio format: Regional Mexican, Spanish AC, Pop, Oldies. Radio:

Stations: Super Stereo (Guadalajara, Mexico), CBS Radio (Fresno, CA), Univision Radio (Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego, Las Vegas), SBS (Los Angeles)

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