Stephanie Himonidis


Nationality: Mexican-American

Four-Time Emmy Award Winner

Studies: B.A Degree in Mass Communication ? Graduated, Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara (Mexico)

Twelve years in the Radio & TV industry in Mexico and U.S.

Radio format: Regional Mexican, Spanish AC, Pop, Oldies. Radio:

Stations: Super Stereo (Guadalajara, Mexico), CBS Radio (Fresno, CA), Univision Radio (Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego, Las Vegas), SBS (Los Angeles)

Jorge Bernal

Subeme La Radio

?Subeme La Radio with Jorge Bernal? has generated tremendous excitement in the Hispanic radio marketplace, which has been looking for fresh, new programming and a star-quality host,? stated Jimmy Perez, Vice President of Affiliate Relations, GLR Media Networks. ?Jorge has a massive following of fans — he knows what they want to hear and delivers it in his signature ?Jorgito? style.


Julieta Gil

Ana Alicia y Julieta

Hello! I’m Julieta Gil! Born and bred in Guadalajara, Jalisco. I’m a mother, wife, daughter, sister and a true friend. I absolutely love my career; which includes Journalism and an extensive 18-year track in radio. I love sports- given the fact that one of my dreams was to be a professional tennis player. Alas, life has taken me down another path, with which I fell in love, leading me to embrace being an On-Air Personality.

Ana Alicia y Julieta

Ana Alicia

Ana Alicia y Julieta

Hi! I?m Ana Alicia! Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco- I came to California when I was 10 years old and worked with some down to Earth people (literally!); from harvesting Beets and Tomatoes to packaging Tomato Paste. Working in the very laboratories and, honestly, I pay full respect to all those who?ve experienced working out on the field! Now, thanks to God, I?m with my whole family; I also enjoy travelling, cooking, being around said family and outdoor activities.


Roger Martinez

El Comandante

Roger Martinez ?El Comandante? has one of the longest trajectories in Radio- where he?s been through all it?s departments and found his niche as Programmer and Director of Operations of his own Enterprise.

For me, radio has been a passion of mine, which after years became a business I feel obligated to manage accordingly, in order to provide great opportunities for the next generation. A generation which will continue the groove for many more to come and will take control of the Hispanic market in the United States.

Citlaly Nu?ez

?La Potranka por las Tarde!

The afternoons at Poder are for La Potranka!

(Monday to Friday; 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm)

Citlaly Nu?ez bring you the latest in fashion and beauty, Potranka Style. She also caters to general topics of interest in ?5 of La Potranka?; including the latest and hottest gossip in entertainment, accompanied by Top Music of today. That?s Citlaly Nu?ez ?La Potranka? lobbing those ?Potrankazos? with so much style!

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